CostOS Cost Estimating, from Nomitech in Europe, is our recommended estimating software solution.

We are proud to be the Strategic Business Partner with Nomitech in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.  Between ourselves and our authorized re-sellers we are able to provide support to our users in all of these areas.


Nomitech is a leading UK based software company specializing in Cost Estimating solutions. Their founders are engineers with real-life industry experience and they deliver practical, innovative, state of the art cost estimating software which is rapidly becoming the standard for estimating.

COSTOS is designed for companies wanting to increase their competitiveness by responding to modern estimating challenges more quickly, with less effort, more accuracy, less risk and with an increased level of confidence.

65% of the world’s estimates are still created in spreadsheets and we understand that people are reluctant to change.  CostOS estimating utilises a lot of the knowledge gained through use of Excel and similar programs.  It makes sense to harness and use that knowledge and experience with common Functions and Formulas created by the user.

These familiar spreadsheet functions enable companies to customise CostOS to their own needs and allow estimators to become comfortable and productive with the program sooner.

This customization also removes the need for ‘Spreadsheet Compromise’ within a Company.

CostOS is able to;

  • Access the current exchange rate for all of the world’s major currencies
  • Link to current pricing from on-line subscription databases
  • Access G.I.S. maps for Takeoff, including elevations
  • Integrate information from 2D drawings takeoffs and 3D models, BIM
  • Create ‘Smart Assemblies’ to utilize standard formulas throughout your company

CostOS is suited to a wide range of industries including Construction, EPC, Oil & Gas, Mining, Telecommunications, Rail, Power, Water and many others.

Large software organizations like Oracle, recommend CostOS as their preferred solution for Construction, EPC and Oil & Gas clients on a global scale due to the strong integration to Primavera.

CostOS Estimating is also the replacement for Prism Estimating software.


Ever prepared at estimate and then had to re-cost after the Scheduler has applied the construction schedule.  CostOS provides integration Primavera P6 that enables the Estimate to generate in the schedule or vice versa.  The Scheduler applies his schedule requirements and CostOS then synchronises from P6 and incorporates those changes automatically.


Standard reports can either be generated as a spreadsheet layout which can be exported to Excel or Company specific reports can be generated using the iReport program from Jaspersoft.


Bills of Quantities supplied in an Excel spreadsheet format can be entered in to CostOS through Copy & Paste.

Existing company estimating data can be quickly and easily imported to a CostOS database from Excel.  Similarly price updates can be applied through the use of Excel.

Project files can be exported directly to an Excel spreadsheet, the formulas can also be sent with the values if required.


Your existing item database is coded to your specific company coding structure but the client wants to see the Estimate Reports using his coding method.  CostOS enables up to NINE different coding structures, in addition to the TWO Project-specific WBS codes, (Work Breakdown Structures).  The coding structures are simply copied and pasted from a spreadsheet.  The estimate may be displayed using any of these coding structures as the sort sequence.


 ‘This isn’t just estimating, this is estimating on steroids’.

Gary Betts CA/CPA

Synergy Group, Melbourne

‘I was very impressed with CostOS the first time I saw it and the more I have seen the more impressed I have become. It is a truly innovative cost estimating interface to BIM, which will integrate cost (the so called 5th dimension) to a project BIM. We are therefore delighted that the BCIS resource cost database will be available to work with CostOS. This initiative is part of our endeavour to make all our price and cost data available in BIM friendly format’.

Joe Martin, Executive Director , BCIS, RICS



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