We are an Australian company created to source and supply the most innovative and best estimating and related products that we can find.  We also aim to provide unparalleled levels of support to our customers, both large and small.

Our aim is to provide modern programs that are taking advantage of the latest technology, unlike many of our competitors who are still trying to sell products developed in the 1980s or ‘90s.

The world has moved forward in leaps and bounds since then and we want to keep up!

Linking to other internet applications we can access the current exchange rate for most of the world’s important currencies, or even current pricing from on-line databases, use maps or drawings for Takeoff, even integrate information from 3D models.

With something like 65% of the world’s estimates still created in Microsoft Excel®,  understand that people are reluctant to change.  So we found an estimating package that utilises a lot of the knowledge that so many people have acquired through their use of Excel® it makes sense to harness that knowledge and experience.

This is what we discovered in the Nomitech CostOS Estimating program.  A unique piece of software that has many touch-points back to Excel, not least in the way that Functions and Formulas are created by the user for use in the program.  This ensures that users are soon comfortable and productive with the CostOS program.

In the On-Screen Takeoff software from On-Center, we also found the integration to Excel Estimating sheets to be efficient and simple to use, allowing the two programs to work seamlessly together.

Forget the old style of measuring with a scale-rule or wheel, simply load your electronic plans into the program and starting measuring areas and lengths with simple ‘mouse-clicks’.

Experienced users report up to 70% time savings for Quantity Takeoff, with the added bonus that they now ‘miss less’ when quoting work as everything is colour coded once taken off. Remember, ‘if it isn’t coloured it isn’t counted’.